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This site will be a collection of my favourite photographs, updated (ir)regularly. It will be a mix of new and old photos, digital and analogue, colour and black and white. Subscribe if you would like each photo delivered into your inbox, and if you would like to support my photography habit, please subscribe with a monthly or annual subscription.

There is analytics on this site, but it's hosted by me, and your data are not going anywhere. I'm just curious how many people pop by my little spot on the web.


Me, by https://instagram.com/bas_scheffers and https://instagram.com/simonankor

That's me. I don't often end up in photos, because I'm usually standing at the wrong end of it for that to happen. But fellow photographer friends Simon and Bas have managed to catch me a couple of times.

I fell in love with photography in high school. Photography with Mr. Neighbour and Mr. Norman. I can remember everything about that class. The smells, the noise, that magic feeling of seeing an image appear on the paper in the develope, and the relief when there's an image on the film when you open the tank.

I kept shooting film, but without my own darkroom into the naughties (are we still calling the 2000s the naughties?), until analogue made way for digital.

Digital is amazing. It's instant. It's perfect. It can be edited down to clinical immaculateness, pixel by pixel. And therein lies its flaw.

I photographed some weddings. Some parties. Some landscapes. People. Macros. Travel photos. Street photography. Night photos. Day photos. Studio lighting. I tried everything, and I loved every bit of it. And it's made me a well rounded photographer, with experience with most styles. Or with enough experience to know what to do in a new situation (panic).

I think it was around 2017 when I picked up a few film developing tanks and chemicals from a Gumtree post. "Take this stuff away, for free!", it said. I did some reading, and I was back into it again. Mixing and diluting chemicals, running multiple timers, and generally having a blast in the laundry.

Loading and developing my first roll in two decades (or thereabouts) was magical. I don't think there's another word for it.

The future of my photography will be a mix of analogue and digital. 35mm and medium format. What I want to have in the photos, are people and their stories.

If you would like to share your story with me, please drop me a line and we'll organise something!

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Everything that used to live here can be found over at bitterswede.com. Bear with me while this place grows and comes to life, and pop over to bitterswede.com for any non-photography related content. You can read about this platform - Ghost - there, too: https://bitterswede.com/2021/11/ghost/