Analogue Beaches
Looking north from Normanville Jetty

Analogue Beaches

There are so many gorgeous beaches in and and around Adelaide that we're spoilt for choice, really. The coastline at the metro beaches is very gentle, with just some dunes separating the beaches from the roads and houses. The closer you get to Cape Jervis, approaching either from the north or the east, the more rugged it becomes. Cliffs plunge directly into the ocean with the only sandy beaches being nestled in sheltered coves.

Blowhole Beach at Deep Creek, with Kangaroo Island on the horizon.

We're used to sandy beaches in Adelaide, but there are some rocky ones, too, where the cliffs have been broken and eroded by the relentless wave action, behind beaches of large stones. No good for swimming, but fantastic for an adventure looking for treasures.

The beach near Hallet Cove