Street Portraits, #2
Street Performer Samora Squid, on a break.

Street Portraits, #2

This is a continuation from Street Portraits, #1, which you can find here.

After a very successful evening photographing people on the first weekend of the Fringe, I returned to the Adelaide Fringe on the weekend, camera in hand. I was nearly more apprehensive this time around - the mood of the Fringe was more subdued, and I was in there in the afternoon rather than late afternoon and early evening. I was worried that people would be less willing to engage with me, and my "Hi there, can I please take your photograph?" greeting.

My apprehension was completely unfounded, and I only had one refusal for one roll of film (12 shots). People were happy, friendly, and really engaged. Lots of questions about my camera.

I'd also printed up some cards to hand out so people could easily find my Instagram account to see their photo (hopefully) appear.

A little stylised version of the camera that they stared down the lens of is enough of a reminder, hopefully, of what the card is all about.

Below are some highlights of the afternoon's snapping.

I'm hoping to do this several more times before the Fringe packs up. I'm also optimistic that I'll be able to do more of it just in general. Today I spotted a man with two dogs in the box of a cargo bike and I chased them down to take their photo. Plenty of opportunities to do more of this going forward.

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