Brief Delay.

Brief Delay.

My precious Rolleiflex started to misbehave the other day, after a visit to Port Adelaide. I thought the film had wound through, but it hadn't, so I opened the back on unprotected film, too, which makes this doubly frustrating.

Long story short, there won't be many photos from the Rolleiflex for a few weeks. But stand by for a photo (or two, maybe) from Louise's second maternity shoot that I'll post early next week.

My understanding of the problem with the camera is that there is a meshing issue between two gears that control the film advance when the handle is cranked. I thought about having a go at the repair myself, but after I downloaded the service manual I decided it was one to hand over to the professionals.

Hopefully it won't be too expensive to repair and will come back soon.

The cover photo is from a random encounter in the street with a gentleman called Peter who was riding past with his two dogs.

Below are two photos of cars from a Rotary event in Thorndon Park - Classics On The Park.

Type 3 Fastback
Do you remember the ad? G.O.G.G.O. (It's a Goggomobil)

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